Mumbai Nurse Awarded As ‘Metro Hero’ For Helping A Patient In Need

A nurse from Mumbai, whose name is Priyanka, proved to be the ‘Metro Hero’ as she selflessly helped a patient in need, a 76 years old heart patient, who had suffered a massive cardiac arrest at Mumbai’s Chakala metro station. Priyanka who works as clinical instructor and nursing educator at HealthCare at Home(HCAH), had administered CPR, for about 20 minutes, to the elderly man who was lying in complete unconsciousness at the metro station’s First Aid room, while the ambulance was on its way to the station. According to the reports, Priyanka was waiting for her train at the metro station’s platform, as she was returning home, after a hard day at work. At 7.30PM there was announcement at the station requesting for any medical professional, who was present at the station, to immediately visit the customer care officer, in order to help with a medical emergency. Forgetting her day’s tiredness, Priyanka rushed to the First Aid Room. Remembering the training she has received at HealthCare atHOME (HCAH), Priyanka immediately took charge and administered CPR to the 76 year old patient for about the next 20 minutes, until the ambulance had arrived. Then she herself travelled with the patient in the ambulance, along with some of the metro staff, to the hospital and helped with admission paperwork and had briefed the doctors about the patient’s condition. Unfortunately, the elderly patient could not survive the sudden cardiac arrest. But Priyanka has set an inspiring example for every other health personnel, by taking her profession beyond the boundaries of office space and time. When asked about what was she thinking and what made her to help a stranger? Priyanka said that,“The training we receive at HealthCare atHOME goes beyond professional expertise and urges us to be more compassionate and companionable towards our patients. HCAH has not just dignified the profession of nurses through their policies and training exercises but helped us further understand the gravity of the responsibility we shoulder of saving lives. A nurse’s job doesn’t end with working hours and it is our responsibility to use our skills wherever required and needed. I am deeply disheartened that the patient could not survive but I am satisfied with the knowledge that I did everything that could have been done to save his life.” The Metro staffs at Chakala Metro Station said that they were very grateful for Priyanka’s presence and proactiveness. When Priyanka went back to Chakala Station from the hospital to collect the belongings that she had left behind at the customer care office in a hurry to save the life of the patient, the Chakala Station Controller , Vijay, went on to award Priyanka with a “Metro Hero” badge as a token of the Metro staff’s appreciation and gratitude. “Responsible people like Priyanka make our society better. It is our honour to recognise her as a ‘Metro Hero’. We are thankful to her for being proactive and supporting us in our efforts to save a life. She has set an example for the society”, said Vijay, the Station Controller for Chakala Metro Station in Mumbai. 


Vivek Srivastava, the CEO & Co-Founder of HealthCare atHome, which is the organisation that Priyanka works for has also congratulated her for her great efforts. Mr. Srivastava said that, “We are very proud of Priyanka! She embodies the spirit of HealthCare atHOME which advocates for compassionate professional care. We are in the business of saving lives and making lives better. With warriors like Priyanka by our side, HealthCare atHOME is setting high standards of healthcare and going beyond conventional boundaries.” It wasn’t the first time when HealthCare atHOME’s team of medical professionals have been in the news for breaking conventions to ensure quality care to patients. Last year, Mr. Ashraf of HealthCare atHOME had braved the incessant Mumbai rains, which had blocked all travel and communication sources, to visit a patient in need. Another HCAH member and nursing expert Karamveer, had lifted the spirits of a bed ridden elderly patient by dancing for him with his family. HealthCare atHOME is one of India’s leading home healthcare service provider which believes in the importance of compassion along with professional expertise to ensure quality healthcare for their patients. The organisation is backed by the Burman family (the promoters of Dabur) and the founders of HAH UK. HCAH has also received equity investment from Quadria Capital, one of Asia’s leading healthcare focused private equity firm .HCAH has 1200+ team members and caregivers’ workforce covering more than 40 cities in India. The organisation is known for following the best practices in medical care and maintains international protocols and standards. HCAH has served over 4,00,000 + patients across India and has helped them to recover safely and comfortably in the place they know best i.e. their HOME. HCAH maintains high standard on customer service, a fact supported by NPS score of over 70 per cent. Some of the key services offered by HCAH include setting up ICUs at HOME, providing Cancer treatment at home, home nursing and physiotherapy along with providing plethora of clinical procedures at home there by delivering almost 70% of all clinical services at home. HCAH also has its own distribution setup offering chronic medicines to patients right at their doorsteps.



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