Soon, the two world class railway stations will get access to the facilities of the airport
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The country is expected to get two world-class railway stations in the beginning of 2019. Facilities like airport will be available in both stations. These stations are being built in Gujarat's Gandhi nagar and Habibganj in Madhya Pradesh. This project is with the Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC). The project is estimated to cost a total of 700 crore rupees. IRSDC claims that the use of these railway stations will be started in the first week of January or the first week of February.
According to the report of Financial Express, IRSDC CEO and Managing Director SK Lohia says that redevelopment of Gandhinagar and Habibganj railway stations is expected to be completed by 2019. Lohia said we hope that both the railway stations will be ready by the end of January or the beginning of February.
This project is being developed under PPP model (Public-Private Partnership). This work was received by the developer company Bansal Path-Way Habibganj Pvt. Ltd. Railways had conducted the station from March 1, 2017. About 450 crore rupees will be spent on the entire redevelopment of Habibganj Railway Station. The hundred crore rupees will be spent on the station and Rs 350 crore on the commercial development. If you talk about world class amenities, shops in Habibganj, shops, gaming zones and museums will also be there. Luxurious accommodation, food plaza, cafeteria, clean toilets etc. will also be there.
There is a plan to build a five star hotel above the Gandhinagar railway station. Five star hotels will have three hundred rooms. There will be three buildings in the entire station and it will be of flower petals. Transit Halls, Kiosks, Shops, Book Stalls, Food Stalls, Modular Clean Toiletts There will be 600 seats for the passengers to sit in the station. The estimated cost of this project is Rs. 250 crores. This will be the SPV project in which the IRSDC and the Gujarat government will hold the stake. The ground floor of the hotel will be 22 meters above the ground.

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