'Looks Like Deepika Padukone's Photoshoot': The Internet On Viral Pics From Her Friend's Wedding
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A picture of Deepika Padukone from cinematographer Srila Rao's wedding in 2016 recently went viral after Sabyasachi shared new pictures from the ceremony on his Instagram page as a part of his 'Inspirational Wedding Series.' One of the pictures, in which photographer Mark Swaroop focussed on Deepika helping Srila, upset the Internet for keeping the bride out of focus. "So sad to see that they are focussing on Deepika instead of the bride," wrote an Instagram user. Another BTS picture from the event, which ticked the wrong boxes per social media, showed Srila admiring her final look in the mirror with Deepika Padukone by her side. "In every photo, there's Deepika. Why? Don't use her as a prop," a comment on the post read.
Deepika Padukone attended her friends' wedding in Sri Lanka with her then-boyfriend Ranveer Singh.
Like her friend Srila, Deepika Padukone also opted to be a Sabyasachi bride when she married Ranveer Singh in November 2018. Sabyasachi Mukerjee was appointed the couturier for Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's wedding. He reworked a traditional kanjeevaram saree from the House of Angadi for Deepika on her Konkani wedding day and designed her fantastic red outfit for the Sindhi wedding. The couple opted for complementary Sabyasachi outfits for their first few public appearances too.

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