SpiceJet: Now, book flight tickets at just Rs 899, 25 percent more for discounts

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SpiceJet has released a mega sale for 4 days. Under the mega sale, you can enjoy air travel only for Rs 899. Domestic flight fares for 899 and international flight fares starting at Rs 3699. The company claims that Domestic Passengers will have to pay 1.75 rupees for a one-kilometer air journey and Rs 2.5 per kilometer for international flight during the SALE. 
10% discount on SBI Credit Card ticket separately. Apart from this, you will also get the Priority check-in for free. For this, the promo code is 'SBISALE'. Apart from this, using the 'ADDON25' promo code will get a discount of 25 percent discount on a seat of choice and food. If ticket booking is done with the SpiceJet mobile app, then 5 percent discount will be given separately. For this, the promo code is 'ADDON30'. Discount will be used only on one side air travel. Also, its advantage will not be available on the location with the connecting flight. Meaning, where direct flights go, the ticket will get the benefit of the sale of the ticket. You can book air tickets of Jammu-Srinagar, Chennai-Bangalore, Kochi-Bangalore, Hubli-Bengaluru Route for Rs 899.
Similarly, the Delhi-Coimbatore route costs Rs 2,899, Mumbai-Kochi has a rent of Rs 1849, Delhi-Guwahati fares Rs 2,499, Bangalore-Delhi fares Rs 2,644, Ahmedabad- Bangalore fares Rs 1749, Ahmedabad-Chennai Rs 2299, Chennai-Kolkata Rent 2349 and Delhi-Chennai Rs 2799. 
In the same way, the cost of the Delhi-Coimbatore route is Rs 2,899, the cost of Mumbai-Kochi Rs 1849, the cost of Delhi-Guwahati Rs 2,499, Bangalore-Delhi for Rs 2649, Ahmedabad-Bangalore Rs 1749, Ahmedabad-Chennai fares Rs 2,999, Chennai-Kolkata Rs 2349 and Delhi-Chennai Rs 2799.

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