Comic book release on Rustam-e-Hind Dara Singh, will give inspiration to a children

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This time in India, the best time ever for wrestling is going on. Prior to this, Dara Singh, popularly known as Rostam-e-Hind, has made a special contribution to international recognition of Indian wrestling. Now a comic book has been released on Dara Singh. The comic book of Dara Singh, India's Star Power Lifter, Gaurav Sharma and Bollywood actor Vindu Dara Singh released on Monday.
This book has been named 'The Epic Journey of the Great Dara Singh'. This book will tell the journey and struggles of Dara Singh's life, who specializes in India as the first wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment. A comic book has been told about Dara Singh's famous wrestling. Gaurav told IANS on this occasion, "I hope people of all ages will like it." Dara Singh was a great man, I had met him once and he had advised me about fitness. "
Gaurav started the powerlifting at the age of 17. He made two gold medals in the European Championship last year. He raised the weight of 240 kilograms and created a new world record. According to the author, the story of the book revolves around Batman, Superman, Captain America and Wonder Woman who encourages us to use our good and extraordinary powers to make the world a better place. The author said that in the book there is a real man's story which, by his dedication and hard work, promotes himself as the pride of India.
He said, "It is a story of victory over bravely and honestly challenging challenges, misrepresenting those people, and offering help to the needy." This is the story of Dara Singh. Dara Singh's bravery taken in his life Filled and strong decisions make this story inspiration. " The launch program was held at the Oxford Book Store here.
Before launching the comics, Bind said in a statement, "The book will present my father Dara Singh as a real-life superhero who was a world wrestling champion and inspiration for everyone." He said, "The purpose of this book is to present the hidden aspects of Rustam-i-Hind in front of the world in which people should know about Dara Singh's aggression within the wrestling ring and things like discipline and humble behavior in the outside world. Will get the chance. "

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