Donald Trump promised to build a wall on the US-Mexico border in the State of Union address

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US President Donald Trump has called for the repeal of politics, resistance, and retaliation in his annual State of Union address. Trump, appreciating the legitimate entrepreneurs, said that he wants people to come to the US, but they have to come legally. Trump promised to build a wall on the US-Mexico border in his speech. He said that most of the people present in the room voted in favor of this, but the wall was never built. President Trump, aiming at China, said that the 'theft of US employment and wealth' should stop. President Trump also asked Congress to pass the US Response Trade Act, which gives them more freedom to charge them. He told that North Korean leader Kim Jong-met him in Vietnam on 27-28 February.
Let us tell you that Nadia Murad, honored with the Nobel Peace Prize and the leader of the opposition in Venezuela, Juan Guido, is among the important guests invited to address US President Donald Trump's 'State of the Union'. According to tradition, 535 members of the US Congress have joined the annual lecture.
Those who attended the 'State of the Union' this year include Iraqi Yazidi Women Murad and Carlos Vecchio of Venezuela. Murad was successful in escaping from the clutches of the Islamic State Group. Since then, he is campaigning against the sexual violence during the war. America recognizes Carlos as the top diplomat in Venezuela in Washington.

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