ISRO launches communication satellite GSAT-31 from French Guiana

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The country's latest communication satellite GSAT-31 was launched successfully on Wednesday morning. This launch was done from the French Guiana with the rocket of the European launch service provider Ariane space. Satellite launch was launched at the Ariane launch complex of Kourou, in the area of French territory located on the Northeastern coast of South America, at 2:30 in the morning, according to Indian time. Ariane-5 Yan set the GSAT-31 in orbit after a 42-minute uninterrupted flight.
S Pandian, director of Satish Dhawan Space Center, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), immediately said in Kourou after launch, "I am very happy with the successful launch of the GSAT-31 satellite from the Arian-5 rocket." He said, "Congratulations Ariane Space for successfully launching and establishing satellites in the classroom accurately." He said that there is a communication satellite of "high capacity" with GSAT-31KU b and it is the location of those satellites Whose operational duration is ending soon.
This is an advanced form of ISRO's earlier INSAT / GSAT satellite series. It will provide communication services to the Indian mainland and islands. GSAT-31 is the 40th Communication Satellite in the country. This will increase the Ku-band transponder capacity in the geostationary orbit.
Its duration is about 15 years. It will be used in VSAT Network, Television Uplink, Digital Satellite News Archive, DTH-Television Services, Cellular Backhole Connectivity, and many such devices.
With the help of this broad band transponder, it will provide broad beam coverage for the facilities of communications in the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and large parts of the Indian Ocean.
Other geo-stationary satellites for Arianespace ISRO will also launch GSAT-30 soon. Pandiyan said, "Soon we will come back to Guantanamo to launch GSAT-30 in June, July."

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