Dubai: 97 years old Indian elderly has renewed driving license, last time the car was launched in 2004

Dubai/  News Measurements Network

In the UAE, 97-year-old Indian-origin elderly has renewed his driving license for four years. THD Mehta was born in 1922. He is the first person driving over the streets of Dubai, over 90 years old. Gulf News reported on Saturday that their license is valid until October 2023. It is interesting that Prince Philip of 97-year-old Queen Elizabeth II voluntarily returned his driving license. Earlier this week, he had survived childhood in the accident. Two women were injured in this accident.
Indian-born Kenyan, Mehta is alone and there is no hurry to drive them. They believe that cars make people lazy. They like to walk and sometimes they walk for four hours. Mehta, who lives in Dubai for a long time, is unmarried, and the last used to drive in 2004. They now use public transport to travel or walk on foot.
Mehta smiled and said, "Do not vote for anyone. It is the secret of my health and long life. I drink no cigarettes and only drink alcohol. "He came to Dubai in 1980 and started working as an accountant in a five-star hotel. Worked at this hotel until 2002. Regularly that year, his age was revealed during the investigation of the background of the staff and he was asked to resign.

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