Cricketer Sreesanth's relief in spot-fixing case, Supreme Court lifted lifetime ban

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In the IPL spot-fixing case, the Supreme Court has removed the lifelong ban imposed on them by giving relief to cricketer S Sreesanth. The Supreme Court said that Sreesanth's claim is wrong that BCCI does not have the right to punish him. The Supreme Court said that in any case, the BCCI has the right to take disciplinary action on the cricketer, but the punishment given to Sreesanth is more.
Explain that in 2013, the IPL spot-fixing case was banned after it was revealed. The lower court has acquitted him, but the Kerala High Court has upheld the BCCI's decision to overturn the lower court's decision. Indeed, the BCCI imposed lifetime restrictions on Sreesanth, who was found guilty of spot-fixing in IPL-2013. Against this, Sreesanth had filed a petition in the Supreme Court. Earlier, the BCCI had told the court that Sreesanth was accused of corruption, betting and dishonoring the sport.
Senior counsel Parag Tripathi, who argued in the court on behalf of the BCCI, had said that the game of corruption and betting is a lifelong ban. Tripathi, referring to BCCI's Zero Tolerance policy on this issue, told the court that Sreesanth had never mentioned in front of the BCCI anti-corruption unit that speculators approached him. BCCI had told in the court that Sreesanth did not tell the inquiry committee about the source of Rs 10 lakh rupees, which has been mentioned in the telephone conversation.
On behalf of Sreesanth, senior advocate Salman Khurshid had said that it is to establish BCCI that it is related to match-fixing of Rs 10 lakh. On the telephone conversation, Khurshid said that the transaction would happen when the player gave less than 14 runs in an over. Khurshid had told the court in the end, that the young cricketer who is no longer young, but still in cricket The obsession is over, his career can be saved from being ruined. Earlier in the hearing, Sreesanth had said that he was guilty under pressure from the Delhi Police.

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