About News Measurements

     Newspaper with agenda of "Balance between News and Perspective", targeted specifically towards youth, socio-political issues affecting the masses.

     News Measurements, one of Lucknow's newspaper / website broadcast networks that strive to achieve the number one international news brand. News Measurements became online by 2015 to launch an English-language news website in 2015. From day one, the network established itself as a news website / newspaper with a difference and aimed to become number one in record of time.

     NewsMeasurements.com is the online arm of News Measurements Newspaper with hard news as its core offering and interactivity as its key component. Along with a plethora of multimedia-enabled content, News Measurements is a multi-platform offering that, for the first time, provides viewers/users an opportunity to contribute to the news process and interact with editors and reporters. Manned 24x7, NewsMeasurements.com is powered not just by News Measurements journalists but also by News Measurements's team of over 1,000 news professionals.

     News Measurements will serve robust and high quality news from every corner of India and relevant global news from top news sources, the world's news leader, on the same platform with an aim to provide the discerning viewers with a complete commitment to the needs and aspirations of the Indian viewer, while News Measurements Newspaper will continue to deliver Indian news to its readers.

     "Monis Raza Khan, Resident editor of News Measurements Newspaper said, "We are delighted to announce the renewal of this extremely cherished partnership between two most respected brands in journalism. In this second term of our collaboration, we aim to present a brand new NewsMeasurements.com that will bring news with even greater speed, accuracy, clarity and credibility and keep the viewers tuned to global developments much ahead of others. We also intend to cut through the noise and clutter that is currently present in the Indian website news space and offer best practices of journalism that will lead to better understanding of issues. The website will organize meaningful news and raise issues that touch the lives of our viewers. With this renewed partnership, we will enhance the process of newsgathering and delivering it to our viewers by informing and enlightening."

     "Speaking on the occasion, Asaweri Yadav, Editor - in - Chief of News Measurements Network said, "We are delighted to have entered into another long term partnership with News Measurements Newspaper and NewsMeasurements.com that builds on the success we have achieved already for News Measurements Newspaper. We embark on this next chapter with a new management team and a renewed determination to double down on our investments to refresh the brand and support News Measurements Newspaper in ramping up their digital initiatives in 2020 so as to further enhance relevance for the global-minded Indian audience. I'm delighted NewsMeasurements.com is staying in our family of News Measurements Newspaper branded prints around the Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai and World."

     Headquartered at New Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai the network is supported by over 20 bureaus nationwide, along with a team of experienced newspersons and web desk staff, backed by News Measurements's state-of-the-art newspaper infrastructure and newsgathering technology.

     In the past twenty one years, News Measurements Newspaper have broken several big stories and covered hundreds of big events together. Be it the dastardly 26/11 Mumbai attack, visit of Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama, several terror attacks in India and abroad, dozens of International summits, 2014, Lok Sabha polls, the global economy meltdown of 2008, cyclones, floods, biggest entertainment stories from across the globe, citizen journalist stories and much more.

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